Sexual abuse of children and teenagers are happening everywhere. If we point out one nation with our index finger three fingers point out us; this is unfortunately the reality. The victims are suffering life long. Here I give you two more worst incidents. These are the known cases but there are tens of thousands of cases which never come out…

Case 5 – The largest and probably the worst child abuse case in France was 66 adults, including 27 women, appeared in a specially built courtroom accused of raping, sexually abusing and prostituting 45 children. Some victims were babies not yet walking and it was horrible. Parents had sex with their children and sold them to other adults for a food parcel or a carton of cigarettes. Here the social, moral and human values were damaged irreparably.

The victims were children, 19 boys and 26 girls aged between six months and 12 years. One girl, four at that time was abused at least 45 times, including by her own father. The children were demolished and traumatized. Some spoke sparely or screamed as soon as they were approached by strangers. The punishments what they got were 10 to 30 years in prison on charges of rape of minors under the age of 15.

The families were known to the social service officials or under their supervision. This is, unfortunately, the case in many developed countries also.

Case 6 – An Austrian father in the town of Amstetten pretended for years that his daughter had run away to live with a sect. He told that the unwanted children of his daughter were raised by the grandparents. But, she was kept in her father’s basement for 24 years behind a concrete door locked with an electronic code. She bore seven of his children. His relatives, neighbors and officials denied any knowledge of this incident and it is impossible to believe. Only in March 2009 Josef Fritzl got life sentence.

For further details read Dr. Kaniappan Padmanaban's "Sexual Abuse of Children and Sex Health Education".