Men’s cosmetics, is it necessary? The cosmetics companies say yes because it is a big market for them. It is like half of the Asian women smoking for cigarette companies. Their argument is that the men’s skin is thicker and oilier and therefore has different needs. Many companies have developed specific lines of skincare for men.

Taking bath daily in the morning and evening is a must for men. A mild shampoo and a mild soap are good to remove the dirt and the dead cells on the skin. Shave after the bath or shower. Use a mild after shave lotion.

A moisturizer is always important. If the skin is very oily do not use the moisturizer. Toner and acne concealer powders are bad. The so called experts say after a good make up the men should not touch their face. It is a wit – if you watch somebody we touch our face several times in an hour – such wonderful unnatural suggestions for men to stop their reflex reactions.

A man can use deodorant only in his armpit and it is applicable to women also. All Deodorants contain Aluminum salts which remove the bad smell. Aluminum is a very dangerous metal. It gives problem to iron absorption and it is suspected that aluminum play a role in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Very little deodorant is enough. Whole body deodorant is dangerous, never use it.

My advices to men include:

• Avoid exposure to excess sun. If you have a white skin you have to protect with SPF 15 cream or lotion. If you are brown it is not necessary. Even then avoid excess sun.
• The food you take must be healthy. You must eat lot of vegetables, fruits, pulses, beans, nuts and whole grains products. Avoid processed food and junk food. Make up can do only little for your skin but the real beauty of the skin comes from inside with you healthy life style.
• Physical activity is very important to your skin shape. Quick walking, skipping, gym, swimming, bicycling, or any team sport like soccer, basket ball or volley ball is good. You must do it every day.
• Think positively, avoid stress and treat problems as challenges.

The dose makes the poison. Too much of anything is never good. It is applicable to food, sweets, alcohol, tobacco, stress, fatigue and even for make up.

I have talked about the body smell of men with women in all continents. For them men’s hygiene is very important. But all like their partners’ body odour. So men decide what you want.

Sesame oil pulling makes and keeps your mouth and breath fresh which is highly appreciated by many women.