Chapter 6

Next morning he was ready at 7:30 a.m. and his flight was at 10 a.m. He would fly approximately 4 hrs to Chennai. He took a taxi and reached the Airport and he missed Geetha now very much. He thought that the last four days were the best days in his life. But it was over, he had her mail ID and cell number but the good days were over according to him. He had checked in and everywhere he saw only Geetha. His seat was in the middle of the plane; he sat and closed his eyes.

When Raman opened his eyes he was already above the clouds. The friendly Singapore Airlines Hostess laughed at him and gave him a piece of paper. He opened it and there were only four words, “come to me, Geetha”. The airhostess smiled at him and asked him to go the 10th row. He ran almost in the plane and found Geetha in the 10th row. He sat near her, took her hand in his and told that he was very happy now.
“I know another person who is happier than you”, she said pointing out her index finger towards her, “I wanted to fly with you and my loving father arranged this journey. We can talk a lot now because we have another 3-1/2 hours”, she said with a seductive smile in her lips. Now only he noticed that his hand was still holding her hand and removed quickly and she was only smiling.

Suddenly she asked him, “Do you like Taj Mahal?”
“Yes, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, moreover it is a symbol of love”, he replied.
“I agree with you, but Shahjahan might have done something great when Mumtaj was alive”, she said, “she has not seen the symbol of love. I want to get something wonderful when I am living from my husband and what is the use if I am not there,” she told.
“It’s a great idea and you will get it”, was his remark.
She looked at him with her big beautiful eyes and asked “Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m 100% sure, wonder happens very rarely but sometimes it happens and you may be lucky”, was his dry reply.
She closed her eyes and enjoyed the presence of Raman near her. “He is mine or I’m sure I’m his”, thought her and opened her eyes. He was looking at her and his face was serious.

“Where are you going to stay in Chennai? Come to us and your flight is only tomorrow morning.” he said.
“No”, her reply was very firm, “I will come to your house, say hello to everybody and then we go to a good hotel and stay there”.
“What”, he shouted.
“Yes you told that a man and a woman could be good friends and they could also sleep in the same bed without disturbing each other” she said.
He shook his head and told, “it is not London or Paris, it is only Chennai and here we have to adhere the guidelines of our society. I have no problem, but I don’t want to spoil your name”.
“So, you men talk very bravely, but when it becomes serious, you withdraw”, she said little bit loudly. More than half an hour they were discussing about this and heard the announcement from the chief hostess that they were approaching Chennai and the landing would be in 30 min.
“I never thought that you would say this. I’m alone in Chennai and we are friends. I request you to stay with me in the hotel. Moreover, it is better if you accompany me also to Madurai till I reach my grandmother”.
For the first time in his life Raman had to take a decision. He looked at her very charmingly and told that he could do it without any problem. Geetha took both his hands and thanked him. The plane has already landed and they have not even noticed that.

Geetha and Raman took a taxi and went to a hotel and it was a five star luxury hotel. He has declared her as his wife to avoid problems and they went to the room. It is a very spacious room with all modern amenities for both. She was feeling well there. She entered inside the bathroom and he sat on the sofa, closed his eyes and thought about their conversation in the plane regarding Taj Mahal. He thought that Geetha was right and what was there to do for her in a grand manner which must also be unique in this world. He felt bad because what a great thing could he do for her in the name of love?

They went to Marina Beach, Kabalishwarar Koil and finally visited his parents.
“What are you doing here and we thought you were stuck up in Singapore” said his father.
“I am playing the role of a baby-sitter for this girl”, he pointed out her with a naughty smile. His mother looked at Geetha with an open mouth and said hello to her.
“Where did you get this beautiful girl?” asked his father, “now I know that baby sitting is such a good job”.
“Today we will stay in the hotel, tomorrow morning I fly with her to Madurai, bring her safely to her grandmother and come back. After that I explain everything to you, father”, he said in a soft voice. His father nodded.
“Why can’t you both stay here in the house? We have a guest room also” said his mother loudly.
“You know your son better than anybody, it is decided, it is booked and I explain you, mamma, everything when I come back”, he replied his mamma with a smile. With hesitation she told yes to her son.
“At least you both could eat here”, said the mother. “Mamma, time will come and then you could cook for us everyday”, he was laughing when he told that. The Okay came very slowly from her mouth.
“Did you ring your uncle?” asked his father.
“No, I do it later”, he replied.

Geetha and Raman reached the hotel, ate something, telephoned to her parents and his uncle. “Now I have to wear my nightie and sleep, have you got any problem with that”, she asked.
“No, make you comfortable”, replied he and went to the window to see the Chennai by night. When he turned she was already sleeping, he saw her beautiful slim body had a small curve and he took the nearby bed for him. He thought intensively once again about their talk regarding Taj Mahal. He wanted to do something great for Geetha, but what could he do? For the first time he hated his life. He slept and had a wonderful dream, a dream which he could dedicate to Geetha.

Raman used to read all the news and the political stunts about the Sethu Samudram project and he was for this project. Of course, as an Indian he was also for the Ramar Bridge. There must be a compromise so that both the parties were satisfied and at the same time it must have a real big impact on India. The alternative of a small canal around Ramar Bridge was a wit for him. It should be something good, marvellous and should be unique in the whole world. The interesting multicultural Singapore with its different facets came to his mind.
“I have the answer,” he shouted and his mind was working in a high speed. What he had seen in the past 5 days in Singapore ran before his eyes. There were so many superlatives- cleanliness, discipline, the peaceful co-existence of people from different cultures and religions and the super planning impressed him very much. “A new Singapore, a still better and different Singapore, in this area is the answer”, he thought. It was good for the emerging India and above all it was also good for Geetha because he could dedicate this idea to her and all the coming thousands of years her name would be there when people thought or read about this Indian Singapore were his thoughts.
“Why Indian Singapore, I would like to give a new name to this area which could be called Ramar Island. Yes, it will be an Island which solves all the problems about the Sethu Samudram project and brings good to India, the coming super power. It could be compared to Singapore and Hong Kong but it will be unique because it is in India” thought he. Although he had been never to this area he had a very good knowledge about the geography of Tamil Nadu.
“It is for Geetha, it is better than anything because she could see it during her life time” he thought.

Suddenly Geetha got up and sat in her bed. For a moment she did not know where she was. He saw Raman in the same bed and in his lips she saw the smile and thought that he was muttering something. Her ear went near his lips and to her pleasant surprise she heard her name only. It was more than three hours she was sitting near him and watching his face with wonderful and joyful expressions and numerous smiles. She got up and took the letter block and started writing.

Dear Papa,
I love him very much, you are the first one to know this and inform mamma also.

Another two hours went on and she was still sitting near him and wondering what was going on in his brain in these hours.

Raman thought of Kilakarai and Devipatinnam immediately. It is better to have the canal 3 km below Kilakarai to 3 km above Devipattinam. A canal which would be from near Kilakarai to near Devipattinam might be the solution.


He saw this island in front of his eyes. It is just below Kilakarai to just above Devipattinam. It would be a medium sized Island and would be called Ramar Island. What were the important places in this island, thought he. He had to think and remember, finally he got it; they could be Kilakarai, Muthupettai, Ramanathapuram, Mandapam, Irumeni, Panalkkulam and Devipattinam and like jewels with diamonds there will be Rameswaram and Pampan. The idea of Ramar Island was perfect now. It should be a duck that lays golden eggs for the emerging super power India thought Raman.

There were enough engineering experts in India and in the world who could finalize and finish this project. There were no mountains in this area and a straight canal is possible without big problems thought Raman. But, he was in a mood to dream further and a contour for this Ramar Island has formed in his mind. It should be clean, must have enough water and electricity and the best schools and universities. He had read about several temples in this area and all would profit out of that. He thought of the new harbour where Queen Mary II and other big tourist ships are regular guests. One side the water sports, the other side the fishing harbour and in the middle the commercial harbour. Extraordinary activities like in Monaco or in Florida will be the result.

The buildings in Ramar Island should not be very high and a maximum of five stories are enough he thought. In one corner he would like to make an artificial mountain, around 700 m high and wanted to plant numerous trees in the whole Island. It must be a green Island with blue sea he thought. Everything, museums, exhibitions and under water parks could only increase the attraction of this island. Here there were many experts who could plan this better than me, he thought. It must be a centre of sport, education, music, fine arts, media and culture where people should not give more importance to their normal struggles like caste or religion or race. Everybody had the right to worship as they like and the temples, mosques or the churches could celebrate their festivals in their own traditional way. But for a normal man his religion must be private one with his family and society. The ultimate preaching of all the religions was love and it should not only be accepted but also practised by everybody. Kilakarai is famous for its Muslim population and the churches had their places in these areas. It should be like a paradise. It should be a straight canal from below Kilakarai to above Devipattinam and this means good for the engineers, ships and for every body. We would have more advantages than Singapore, he thought, because of the backyard where we could put all the industries and other necessary infrastructure which could make the Ramar Island the perfect place in our earth.

Moreover, the ecology would not be disturbed and flora and fauna could be conserved for the coming generations. The natural environment could also be protected for ever.

Raman thought about the Queen Mary II and the other giant luxury ships. Tourists from these ships would be taken in the directions of Madurai, Cape Comerin, Velankanni, Nagore and Thanjavur. It would be a big boost to the local employment and also it could relax the tension to Chennai area. Ramar Island would be there, pure and sacred, but very near to all loving persons, he thought. A new planned big city with a good integration of the present places would take care of the modern aspects as well as the traditional side, he thought.

The coral reefs, the colourful fishes and the dancing dolphins could be protected always and these were big attractions. Krusadai Island would be the Mecca for all Zoology students in our world.

Our Indian coast is exactly 7517 km long. He wished in every 50 km a fishing as well as a sport and multipurpose commercial harbour. 3 to 4 fishermen together must get a free mechanized boat and every fishing village should get at least one trawler for deep sea fishing. The wind-energy parks in our seas and the desalination plants to produce drinking water would increase the quality and the standard of life of the Indians, he thought. In his concept, there were only winners.