There are several severe problems in our world – the biggest one is poverty which we deal separately- that makes this world bad. These are:

• The big business with narcotics
• Women trafficking
• Selling of the weapon in the black market

I don’t want to write anything about politics. The money involved in this dirty business is much higher than the budget of many rich Western countries. This money is everywhere – invested in good companies in the bank, finance, real estate and in all in the business you could imagine. For example, the person who sells the drugs on the street is only a “small fish” and the big bosses may be sitting comfortably everywhere as good citizens.

We can not stop this problem because of the money and influential persons involved. But we could teach our children the danger of these problems. My experience with youngsters and children shows that if they understood the dangers with right information they never touch it. This is our aim; we educate the children and youth to save the family and the society.

In emerging India many have money, lot of money – I am happy – and the problem of drugs abuse starts. Youth want to experience something new and exciting and they could become prey to these evils. So the knowledge about drugs abuse is important to every children, youth and parents in our country.

I have seen tens of thousands of families destroyed because of abuse of alcohol, tablets and narcotic drugs. The parents used to say to me Western countries if our children do not have problems with alcohol or drugs we are the happiest and all the other bad things what they do is harmless. Don’t think that these families are common families. No, the children of doctors, judges, lawyers, priests, big business men etc. are major part who abuse drugs and alcohol and ruin their families. If you ask me why, the answer is very simple. The parents have no time, they have more than enough pocket money, they are lonely and nobody is there to talk. When I started to work in a General Hospital in Hamburg, Germany there was a very beautiful colleague there. After few months I met her and her husband in a social gathering. He was an ugly looking man and drank lot of alcohol. Next day in the laboratory I asked her why she married an ugly man. She smiled at me and told that he was the first person in her life who listened when she talked. Her family was a well to do family but here money could not do anything. The end was somewhat sad, but even today I admire this woman.

In the coming days, months and years I write about this problem. Feel free to ask me. Remember all the chemicals including our medicines are poisons.

The dose makes the poison.

In all these problems prevention is better than cure.