I was interested about food from my childhood because of my health reasons. It was 1980 when I started to think about the values of food to our health. In the beginning my interest was to get relief for arthritis, environmental sickness – particularly for detoxification and free radical scavenging - and other autoimmune sickness.

The idea of anti aging with right food which is also important to our health came to my mind at that time. This was so fascinating and I started to do research about food. I was lucky because in Germany most of the technical and other assistants in the medical field are women. Once my colleagues cane to know about this, they started asking me about food, weight reduction and related themes. I was lucky because I had women who are willing to try my methods and tell their opinions. Moreover, I could see and talk to them everyday if it was necessary to get the first hand information.

There were hundreds of questions and I tried to find out a solution for this with their co-operation. I have learnt a lot in these fast 30 years. The two critical things what I learnt was when a woman is hungry always she will not continue further her diet. If the diet plan is too one sided also it is impossible to follow and in course of few days her interest is vanished.

The vital points for the weight loss include:

• One must get enough food
• Everyday there must be a possibility to make a different menu
• One should not give the chance to our body to slow down its metabolism
• One must get all nutrients from food everyday
• The women must get all the information so that they know what is going on and have fun to do it.

This I have achieved and these are the basis for my “metabolism based individual diet plan” for weight reduction. If you want to know more about this, read my book “Food and our Health – Facts Misconceptions”, published by Aaron Verlag Publishers Private Ltd. Chennai, India.

Feel free to ask. I know it is not only important to your body but also to your mind. I have talked to tens of thousands of women about this sensitive problem.

With my method you could reduce your weight without hunger. Moreover you could maintain your weight also for years. In normal weight loss diet plans at the end of one year 85% are putting on weight. It is a world known fact.

Come on, we exchange our thoughts in this sensitive but very important theme…