When I told some of my friends about this book they wanted to know why I am so much interested in Sethu Samudram Project. My immediate answer always was that I am an Indian and everything what is happening in India is interesting for me irrespective of the states where it happens. This project is in Tamil Nadu and has also much importance to India.

In Hamburg, Germany we belong to the group of people who are proud to be Indians and we defend wherever it is necessary to safeguard our prestige and culture. As a physically handicapped person I am supporting the cause of the weak always because with the help of so many persons I have reached to this position. I mean not only the weak in India but also the weak in Germany.

Our recent proud work in Germany is, trying to get a prominent road name in Hamburg for Mahatma Gandhi and we are working almost for the past two years to achieve this. It is already accepted by the District Parliament and we hope to get it shortly. The group which works hard is Dr. R. Dave from Gujarat; Mr. D. Sinha-Roy from West Bengal; Ms. Ursula Hagedorn, a Gandhian German woman from Hamburg; Mr. B. N. Bhagavan from Karnataka; Ms. Janaki Padmanaban and me from Tamil Nadu and we could say that it is a project for Truth and Non-violence. We have the good support of Dr. Vinod Kumar, Consul General of India in Hamburg.

Many are for or against the Sethu Samudram Project, but only few are considering our national interest. This is the idea behind to write this book. There are hundreds of books on this topic and many are bored to hear or talk about this subject. That is why I have made it a wonderful love story which could attract everybody. As a scientist I used to dream and think about impossible things but when science gives me an answer to those I am very happy. But this suggestion is simple and easy to fulfil.

I request all Indians and the Well Wishers of India to come together to make my dream, Ramar Island, a reality.

I thank my wife Janaki and my son Aravind for their support to write this book. The idea of the love story came from my brother’s son Sakthikkumaran Vijayaraghavan. He has also done the design of the title page.

I also thank our friends Ms. Jyoti Gureja, Hamburg-New Delhi and Srinivasan Gopal Iyer, Trichy for the manuscript reading.

Dr. Kaniappan Padmanaban