What is hookah smoking?

Hookah smoking is a rapidly growing form of tobacco use worldwide.

Narghile or bong or hookah or water-pipe smoking, where the principle of smoking is the same, has been extensively practised in India, in the Middle East and other countries for more than 400 years, with a recent rebirth of this, predominantly among youth. 25% of youth at the age of 13 to 15 smoke water-pipes today in Germany. It is also a problem for the youth in USA and other countries.

Is it used only to smoke tobacco?

Hookah is generally used to smoke tobacco, cannabis or other substances. As you see the danger of coming in contact with cannabis is there always.

What is the difference between cigarette smoking and hookah smoking?

There are two main differences between cigarette and hookah smoking. Water-pipe cool the smoke before it enters the person’s lungs, it makes then easier to smoke and a large amount of smoke is inhaled quickly than the smaller, more frequent inhalation cigarette smoking.

The components of the tobacco used are variable and not well standardized and the result is high amount of aerosol in water-pipe smoke as well as other substances including cadmium.

What are the health risks of hookah smoking?

It is a health risk because you smoke there tobacco or cannabis or other substances or drugs which may be more dangerous, but the significant health risk is associated with pipe sharing with all possible severe infections.

Could you compare the hookah smoke with cigarette smoke?

It is very difficult to standardise these values, but with the available data it is possible to compare them. Hookah smoke contains high amount of nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and heavy metals.

The nicotine content of hookah is 2% to 4% compared to 1% to 3% in cigarette smoke and the amount of carbon monoxide is 0.34% to 1.4% in hookah smoke and 0.41% in cigarette smoke.

The levels of lead, arsenic and chromium are also high in hookah smoke.

Moreover, hookah is smoked sometimes hours together so that the quantity of the poison gone to the blood is also more.

How could one inhale so much of smoke without any problem?

Hookah smoke is moisturized and this allows to smoke and inhale deeply without irritation.

What are the possible infections?

The possible infections include tuberculosis, herpes simplex, helicobacter pylori, hepatitis C, Ebstein-Barr virus, pulmonary aspergillosis, respiratory viruses and HIV.

My friends say it contains fewer toxins than cigarette smoke because the smoke in hookah is filtered through the water, is it correct or not?

It is wrong and it is a common misconception to make it acceptable to the society and never believe it.

What is your last word about hookah smoking?

Mouths away from this hookahs because in several places or in parties alcohol, illicit drugs like cocaine or amphetamine or other psychoactive drugs also mixed, I tell you, this is dangerous for your health and could lead to your downfall for ever.

What should be done?

Educate the youth about the danger of this and drugs abuse in geneal. If you do it in a proper way we could convince them. It is the duty of our parents, educational institutions, doctors and all other who always boast to have influence in our society.

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