Rameswaram Island and Mandapam – I had been there for the first time when I did my staff training as a Research Assistant in Tamil Nadu Fisheries after my studies. That was in the beginning of 1970s. The rich flora and fauna in that area fascinated me – the coral reefs, the beautiful color fishes, the snakes in Krusadai - the Mecca of zoology students from all the universities in our world, above all the dancing dolphins, to tell a few.

When I read about the Sethu Samudram Project I thought it was wonderful to have a short sea route instead of traveling round Sri Lanka. Then I thought of the rich flora and fauna and about the Ram Setu or Ramar Bridge or Adam’s Bridge. Ramayana, we all know well and I don’t want to destroy this mythological bridge also. I always respect the religious feelings of others and this is our family tradition. I wanted to have a solution which will not hurt anybody and come good to India.

I had the idea in 2006, but there was no response at that time. In 2008 I gave this to my cousin’s son Sakthi and his wife, Vaan to read. They found the theme very interesting. Sakthi wanted me to write a book on my idea and we all have forgotten this completely. Two weeks before I left to Hamburg, Germany, i.e. 27th April 2009, Sakthi remembered me and told me that I should make it a love story so that it would be more interesting. “A love story!” I wondered. Sakthi suggested we, the young people go through it and change if it is necessary. I had to give a lecture in Virudhunagar and stayed in Sivakasi because of non-availability of a hotel room in Virdhunagar because of the marriage season. Janaki and I booked the ticket for II class A/C to Sivakasi. Sakthi was in Egmore railway station to give us send off. I was lying in my birth, closed my eyes and thought about the love story which I should write. I didn’t sleep the whole night and when we got down in Sivakasi railway station I had the idea.

The first half of the story is happening in Singapore and I wanted to visit Singapore before I write this book. In the hotel before going to our room we wanted to drink a cup of coffee and went to the breakfast room. It was around 7 a.m. in the morning. One family was sitting there. We said good morning and they replied. After that the man came to us and told that they have come here to visit their family temple. Casualy I ask him where he is from. He said we are from Singapore and he is a police inspector there. I was wondering about the coincidence to my Ram Setu love story and Singapore and I meet immediately this gentleman. We talked and I told my idea. He asked me to come there at least for one week and he would arrange me to see everything in Singapore. Later when I wanted to go he was deputed to New Zealand for five months and I didn’t go.

Back in home, in Hamburg, I enjoyed the climate and after few days started to write. The result is the book –“Sethu Samudram Project, Ramar Island”. I like this story very much and the friends who read this book were surprised and asked how could I write such a wonderful love story? Back in Chennai, India, end of July 2009 we have printed this. I want to inform all the Indians and well wishers of India to read this in my blog and help to fulfill this noble cause. Every day one chapter will be written here.

I tell you one thing. If my dream becomes a reality then it will be golden egg laying duck for the emerging Super Power India.

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