Is acne a skin disease?

Many think so but it is not. The real problem is acne develops from inside the body, not outside. Our skin is an organ of the elimination of waste products from our body, the process is sweating and we loose minerals and other waste products.

What are the causes for acne?

The possibility is, too much of toxins inside our body can lead to inflammation in the skin causing clogged pores and acne. If we cannot remove these toxins, it is also not possible to treat acne.

Food allergies cause acne and other skin diseases.

Acne is a chronic skin disease common in adolescence, involving inflammation of the sebaceous glands and characterized by pustules on the face, neck and upper trunk.

Hormone imbalance may cause, but it is extremely over-rated.

What to do if there is acne or pimples during Puberty?

Almost every girl and boy gets acne during puberty. Wash your face several times in a day with cold or warm water. The soap used must be unperfumed and an antiseptic soap is worth to try. Never pick or squeeze the spots and this paves the way for the infection.

Drink lot of water (2 to 3 litres/day, if you sweat more, work physically hard, living in a hot country 4 to 6 liters must be drunk); if you sweat more you have to drink more. Eat freshly cooked food; avoid processed food, fast food, junk food, chips, sweets and soft drinks to minimize the problems. If it is too serious go to your doctor and he may decide to use hormones or other medicines. But you must ask your doctor to explain you all the advantages and disadvantages of such treatment. Be careful always with hormones.

Foods which contain hormones must be completely avoided completely. If available use only organic vegetables.

What is your opinion about the use of birth control pills for acne?

It is totally wrong and the full page advertisements in USA addressing directly the young women for this also not correct. The reasons why not to use include:

The reason for acne lies in junk foods and other food rich in carbohydrates like too much of rice, sweets, chips and chocolates. A reasonable food can help when acne is there.

The hormones in the oral contraceptive pills can help but we should not forget the risk of cancer. That means the price for this acne treatment may be very high, breast cancer.

Reduce the amount of carbohydrates, chips and the so called junk foods. Eat more vegetables – here a raw salad would do wonder – and fruits. Fruits and vegetables must be eaten 3 to 4 times a day.

How can food allergies cause acne?

If you eat a food which is allergic to you it may lead to continuous toxic reactions in your body because your immune system fights with this food as if it is fighting against invading bacteria or other micro-organisms. This can cause inflammation of the skin.

Which foods can cause acne?

Any food can cause food allergy and this is capable of causing acne. Milk and milk products are a common cause in many persons.

Is it difficult to find our own allergy to different foods?

This is possible and the best method to find out the allergies, but lot of patience and time are necessary to find out.
Food allergies may happen immediately after consuming or often it is a delayed allergy. We advice the patients not to take processed or unknown foods during this time because milk products, grains, legumes and pulses are almost everywhere and this makes it difficult to find out the problem food.
Take notice of a food, eat it, wait for four days and during this period if you do not have any allergic reaction then this food is safe and in this manner we have to test all your food what you eat. You can identity the villains by yourself and also be happy to see that how many wonderful food you can eat and enjoy without any itching.

Is there any connection between genes and food for allergies?

Few believe this because genes may not be able to recognize many modern food and so the problems. It may be, but when I think about me and brinjal allergy, then the brinjal is a very old vegetable and should be well known to my genes. It may be the same with cow milk. More research must be done to understand more about this.

Are antibiotics good for the treatment of acne?

For the time being you may get some relief from antibiotics but the foods which cause the allergy must be found out and eliminated from your diet and this is the only success in this fight.

Are there medical tests to find out food allergies?

Yes, there are hundreds of food could be tested to find out your allergy to some foods. In extreme cases I have seen persons who have allergy to almost 90% of their food and a good dietician can do wonder there, of course, with the help of the doctor.

Consult your doctor and he will send you to the correct laboratory to do these tests. From very little blood these can be found out.

What is a chloracne?

Prolonged contact with certain chlorinated compounds such as naphthalene, diphenyls can bring an occupational or environmental chloracne.

A friend of mine called me and asked my advice regarding acne of his wife which came very suddenly. Everything was same and there were no suspects and the food allergy tests were negative. Finally I met them and had a talk. She worked in a chemical company where they packed several chemicals in small packets and few contain chlorinated products. She agreed to leave the job and within a short time the chloracne problem vanished.

What about the chlorine in our drinking water and in swimming pools?

Chlorine is toxic and is used to kill the bacteria present in drinking water and swimming pools. It can produce health problems such as chloracne, skin rashes and eczema. It is well known that the chlorinated organic compounds are carcinogens and the list of problems with chlorine and chlorinated compounds is very long. It is better to avoid, if it is possible and a good detoxification system is necessary to eliminate these from our body.

What about water filters?

It is possible to filter chlorine or chlorinated compounds; you ask the shop to give the technical specification for the removal of chlorine and chlorinated compounds and see the capacity of the filter to remove from a big quantity of water. If not, after sometime it is useless and cannot bind these chemicals.

Unfortunately I could not get the information about silver from the companies which market these filters. Six week correspondence through e-mails and phone calls could not bring any result although I promised that my cousin buys it immediately if they give the answer.

What do you forget to tell?

Iodine makes you to suffer more if you are acne prone. Excessive iodine can irritate pores, resulting in acne flare-ups. Excessive use of iodized salt must be prevented and be careful with fast foods and milk.

Avoid seaweeds including the seaweed that is used to wrap Japanese sushi, prawns and shellfish.

It is found that persons who suffer from acne have mostly zinc deficiency and foods rich in zinc must also be regularly included in their food. Zinc plays a vital role in our immune system.

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