Yesterday was a healthy day as far as my food was concerned.

Today morning I could not wait and so at 5 a.m. started the oil pulling. The taste in my mouth was as usual.

After 20 min I was very happy. At the end of the oil pulling the fluid was also milky. I think this could be a good indication for persons in health and sickness to control whether their body is acidic or alkaline. The positive health effects are then enormous. To avoid many sicknesses in later age one could do the prevention when they are young. Moreover, the family medical expenses will be reduced drastically. I will try to find out some young men and women so that they could sporadically to test whether their body is acidic or alkaline so that they take the right food. This is then a big breakthrough for oil pulling.

When I start my Counseling Office in November 2009 I will try to get persons for further research. Anybody can join because sesame oil has no side effects.