It is bad and this may be happening in all the countries. In Germany this came out after 30 years and in Great Britain it is not different. Parents trust the church persons and give them there their children. The churches are slowly accepting their mistakes with much difficulty.

The British go with extreme steps and every person who comes in contact with children and youth must be registered and controlled. This is a good beginning.

In all religious institutions it may be possible to do such horrible evils. It is the duty of every person to inform the concerned authorities about the abuse.

This problem of sexual abuse is everywhere there. Most of the abuses are done by close family members and close friends of the family. Here it is very difficult to found out. Be watchful and if you come to know sexual abuse of children report it to the authorities immediately. This is a very serious crime and the abusers must be punished heavily.

For further information read my book “Sexual Abuse of Children and Sex Health Education”.