Raw food is good if they are fresh or frozen. Whether you eat normal or raw you need all the macro- and micro-nutrients to run your metabolism.

Take for example a person drinks a glass of fresh orange juice and few small raw tomatoes with his breakfast. At 10 a.m. she / he eats a tasty apple.

For lunch he takes everyday a good salad and his normal food. In course of day he / she eats a banana or few slices of mango. Carrots and cucumber are eaten raw throughout the world. She or he likes raw almond, cashew nuts and other seeds like sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.

For dinner, there are fruit juice and other fruits also. With this without any problem a normal person eats 50% raw. If it goes to more than this percent then you need help.

Every medal has two sides. Raw food also has many substances which could interfere with the absorption of few nutrients. You must have thorough knowledge about food.

To be healthy it is important to know the other 50% or less very well. Food supplements are also not an easy answer for every food problem.

At first try to calculate how many percent you eat raw everyday. After that it is easy to decide.