No, there is no way to make the excretion of alcohol quickly. Approximately 0.11 o/oo alcohol is excreted per hour. If you have 1.0 o/oo alcohol in your blood it takes 10 hours to be completely excreted.

After alcohol consumption never drive a car or operate a machine. It is dangerous for you and others.

If you have enough fat in your stomach alcohol binds with fat and this is not absorbed to the blood. The free alcohol only can reach the blood and brain.

If you drink alcohol then you must take a taxi to go home. It is also the duty of the host if he serves alcohol to prevent you in driving a car. By the way too much of alcohol is not good for your health. Enjoy the other wonderful things and there are many in this world.

Do not offer alcohol to youth. If somebody says “No” to alcohol respect this. Everybody think that they are having their alcohol consumption under control but many have not.

Alcohol can make you an addict and can spoil you and your family.