This service is offered by private laboratories in USA. According to them, they could find out 28 health risks including breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

The biggest problem is we know about the genes, that is all. It is only a part. We do not know the interactions between them and many other unknown mechanisms. This is the opinion of professors from the US also. 1000$ is the charge for this analysis and some recommendations, that is all. In few states of the US the authorities are closely watching these laboratories.

The disadvantages include:

• Continuous stress for you
• Are the data safe? If not you may not get an insurance or may not get a job because you belong to a risk group
• It can affect your whole life

I am against this gene analysis because we do not know everything about the genes.

Lead a healthy life; eat enough fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grain products. Do some physical work every day. Keep up your weight normal. With this you can minimise many health risks.