Margarine is product from vegetable oils. It contains the healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fats are good to reduce the LDL- or bad-cholesterol.

As a plant product margarine contains no cholesterol.

Butter is made from animal fat. So it contains high levels of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol.

But the story is not ending here. Margarine from the supermarket is not always margarine. Margarines are produced by hydrogenation of fats and this makes possible the formation of trans-fats which are unhealthy. If the margarine is very hard it contains more trans-fats. Trans-fats can also increase the bad LDL-cholesterol. Moreover, trans-fats can lower the good HDL-cholesterol.

Adulteration with margarines is another problem. In some countries animal fat is mixed with margarine and these are bad for vegetarians.

If you do not like margarine you can use butter always. Eat the minimum amount and it is also then good. The dose makes the poison.