Yes, Benzene is a carcinogen, i. e., a substance capable of causing cancer..

Benzene, a liquid aromatic hydrocarbon, is mixed in petrol. It is an environmental pollutant and found everywhere in air. It is a very important solvent for the industry. Moreover, it is also a raw materials.

Benzene exposure has very bad health effects. Exposure to low level causes drowsiness, dizziness, fast heart rate, headache, confusion and unconsciousness and higher level can result death.

Long term exposure causes damage to the bone marrow and the immune system; decreases the number of red blood cells and increases the chance of infection.

Women who have long- time exposure suffer from irregular menstrual periods and decreased size of ovaries.

Lead has been removed from the petrol throughout the world. But to maintain the properties of leaded petrol the industry mixes benzene with petrol.

Benzene is more harmful than lead and now it is omnipresent.