I never preach anything. I try to give you the right information and facts and it is you who has to decide what you want to do. I am not at all afraid to give particulars about me if asked in a polite way.

Yes, I have smoked for a long time although as a chemist or clinical toxicologist I knew all the dangers of smoking. But, I’m also a human being with strengths and weakness. Fortunately I could stop now and then for few months and I started always once again.

Smoking has affected my health when I was 56 years old. So I told it is over and after that I have not smoked even a single cigarette. Now, I’m a non-smoker more than six years.

My information is not simply theories. It is based on my experience as well as the experience of the many persons.

Smoking and passive smoking is bad to your health. It is scientifically and medically proved completely.

Tell me now, are you a smoker? Stop smoking and there are many wonderful things in our world to enjoy.