Many factors play a role in irregular or missed periods. But the common factor is the hormonal disturbances in women.

The other factors are different diseases and infections. There are many home remedies for this in our world and they include:

• At first what you have to try is a diet which is rich in protein and foods containing iron. White pumpkin, papaya, dates, drumstick, snake guard, bitter guard and cucumber are good to regularize menstruation. Avoid junk food and processed food
• Drink fresh carrot juice for a period of 2 to 4 months and this helps
• An infusion of ginger with honey helps often to regularize
• Fenugreek is good to regularize the period
• Sesame seeds are very useful
• Asafoetida is not only a good spice but also helps to regularize menses. It increase the production of progesterone, the female sex hormone
• Mint powder and honey equal amounts, thrice in a day can regularize menstruation

If there is no improvement or you have no periods for several months or too much bleeding or breakthrough bleeding or very painful bleeding you must see the help of your doctor.