Kissing is interesting and this we know all. Light kissing or deep kissing, both have risks.

Light kissing is typically a closed-mouth kissing. Deep kissing is done with the mouth slightly open and here the tongues are also involved. It is also called “French Kissing”.

Light kising carries a slight risk for catching herpes and scabies. If somebody is sick then never kiss that person.

We have millions of micro-organism in our mouth and this is different in individuals. In the deep kissing there is excange of saliva and this increases the risk. Herpes simplex, syphilis, hepatitis B and other diseases may be transmitted.

It is important to know your partner well. It includes the sexual history and the current health status.

Kissing is a natural way of showing affection and love between friends and family members. Deep kissing is natural way to show love and affecton to a boyfriend or girlfriend. Never forget it is also a foreplay and may lead to more sexual behaviour.