To know this you have to talk to your gynaecologist. He can give you the necessary information.

If you have following conditions your doctor will discourage you to take the combination birth control pills, oestrogen and progestin containing pills:

• Breast feeding
• Smoker
• Older than 35 years old
• Heart disease
• History of blood clots and stroke
• History of breast, endometrial or liver cancer
• History of thrombosis and pulmonary embolism
• Kidney, liver and adrenal gland health problems
• Diabetes complications
• Migraines with aura
• Unexplained uterine bleeding
• Bedridden because of a major surgery
• Taking antiepileptic drugs
• Taking St. John’s wort

Like all drugs the combination pill has many side effects.

The mini pill which contains only progestin may be discouraged by your doctors for the following reasons:

• Breast cancer
• Unexplained uterine bleeding
• Taking antiepileptic drugs and anti-tuberculosis drugs

Without consulting your doctor do not take the hormone oral contraceptive pills. Inform him all the prescribed or over-the-counter drugs or food supplements you take.

The mini pill also has side effects.