What your friends say is wrong. I am not against love. Love is our part of love. Love does well to our body and soul. I am going to be 63 years. I have no problems with my age and I do not know why others think too much about this.

But now there are many worst things are happening in the name of love and definitely I am against that. Love is for me soul to soul and not only there because our hormones and emotions need it. A love at first sight must become quickly a mature love.

Love is for many, in certain part of their life, a hobby or fun. This brings bad luck to many.

Love is giving and taking. If one gives always and other only takes it is not a love, or may be one sided love.

Nothing should be routine in our life. If you want to love your partner both must develop their common interests in life. Both must also increase their knowledge continuously.

When your sexual urges are reduced the love must be still there. I am for this true love. It is easy to be happy in your life and you must understand and practise this.

I have written a love story and this you can read in my blog. http://drkpadmanaban.blogspot.com/2009/10/sethu-samudram-project-alternative-plan_15.html. That will tell you clearly my opinion about love.

Youth, you have all the rights. What you do with that is important for you and to your family.