Noodles are processed food and may contain wheat flour, eggs and water. There are also whole grain and polished grain noodles. These are the most important carbohydrate sources as well as a major component in our food. It is prepared in different forms throughout the world.

Although it is a processed food uncooked noodles are normally very hard and so it must be cooked in low flame. After the first boiling, put down the flame and the noodles are ready in 9 to 13 minutes.

Two famous gravies are there, one with tomatoes and the other one with minced meat and tomatoes. Put the tomatoes in the mixi and make it a pulp, put it in the frying pan, add the spices and some oil according to your taste.

The next method takes 15 to 20 minutes more because the minced meat must be cooked well. Put the minced meat in the frying pan, oil is not necessary because the fat from the minced meats is enough. When it is cooked, add to this the tomato pulp, spices and finally some vegetable oil. Both of these are the best choices not only for children but also for adults. But, there are hundreds of various preparations with noodles and gravy.

Noodles are very healthy food, but I have problems when they are coloured or have all possible tastes, chicken or whatever it may be. Here come many chemicals in the picture, which may not be healthy. Most of all these flavours are not natural and are only chemicals. It is better that we eat healthy food wherever it is possible. Cooking noodles and gravy with our fine vegetables and spices make you and your family healthy.

Wheat and eggs are used normally but from mung bean, rice and potato you can also make noodles. Most of the south Asian countries make noodles from these grains and potato and is also an important food.