There are two types of hair loss if you have too much physical or emotional stress. This can be pregnancy, surgery, severe weight loss or gain or death of a family member.

In this condition large number of growing hair are pushed into a resting phase. In due course the affected hairs may fall out suddenly. You lose many hairs during combing or hair wash or taking bath. The hair can grow back once your stress is gone, but normally it takes time, may be many months.

The second condition of hair loss by intense stress is medically called alopecia areata. Here the white blood cells attack the hair follicle and this stops the hair growth. Within weeks the hair loss starts as a small round patch. But it may spread to the whole head. In some cases the body hair can also fall. Normally the hair grows back, but this problem can come repeatedly.

If you have this kind of hair losses go to your doctor immediately. Sudden hair loss may be caused by underlying health problems and these must be treated.

Stress can be managed well if you really want this. If you have problems take necessary help to reduce your stress.