We need medicines if we are sick. But the side effects are always there whether it is over-the-counter or prescribed drugs. If you use them properly it may be helpful to you. Over-the-counter medicine is safe when it is used properly.

Even if you take over-the-counter medicines consult your doctor first, he could check and tell you whether the organs necessary to metabolize these drugs are healthy or not. After that also, it is only trial and error to find out the right dose. Here, your doctor decides what you have to take and how long.

This is also applicable to all the over-the-counter medicines. Consult your doctor, get all the information from him and ask him also the maximum amount could be taken in a day. Never take more than necessary.

When taking medicine you must avoid alcohol completely. You can manage nicely, but do not forget the dose makes the gift. You can also get information from your pharmacist. If the drug is not helping for two or three days go to your doctor immediately.

You can try your grandmother’s methods and most of them are good.