Fortunately it is not the case. Approximately 10% of the patients get common side effects. There are also very severe side effects like anaphylaxis.

But the number is still very high; ask your relatives, friends and colleagues how many have intolerable itching; if you analyse this you will come to know many are the side effects of the medicines. Many side effects destroy the quality of your life. Before searching somewhere else, first think about your prescription as well as over-the-counter medicines and first rule out the possibilities of the side effects.

If there are side effects from your drugs, then you try to take traditional medicine or go to your doctor who could help you always.

Many medicines have the side effect of stuffy nose and many think this is dust or some other allergies. But it could be also side effects of the medicines, without knowing if you treat this there will be no success because you take this medicine with side effect regularly.

Weight gain, constipation, dizziness and cough may also be side effects of many drugs.