Most of the contraceptives are available in all the countries and this knowledge is important for men and women. In a family husband and wife have the responsibility to avoid unwanted pregnancy. It is also very important for women’s health.

The available contraceptives in our world include:

• Abstinence
• Birth control pill
• Cervical cap
• Condom
• Contraceptive film
• Contraceptive foam
• Contraceptive implant
• Contraceptive sponge
• Contraceptive suppositories
• Diaphragm
• Emergency contraception, the morning after pill
• Condom for the women
• Fertility awareness method, the rhythm method
• Injectable contraception
• Outercourse, closeness and sexual intimacy without sex
• The patch
• The ring
• Shield
• Female sterilization (tubectomy),
• Male sterilization (vasectomy).

These are irreversible.

It is better you select the methods which is suitable for you and consult your gynaecologist to know better to take the right choice. Chemical contraceptives have side effects.