Paedophilia is the primary or exclusive sexual attraction by adults to children and it may be the result of faulty connections in the brain.

Paedophiles are individuals who prey on children sexually. They act alone or in groups. They volunteer to work in sport, cultural or religious gatherings to mingle with children. They also do anything to gain access to the children. A paedophile need not molest a child but he has abnormal sexual desires and urges.

It is impossible to estimate the number of paedophiles in the world. The volume of materials in the Internet shows that there are many. In the production, distribution and possession of child pornography paedophiles play a big role.

Good work is done with international cooperation to find and arrest many paedophiles in many countries. The Internet is so uncontrolled and it is very difficult for the police experts to catch them.

Looking child pornography in the internet is a crime. If you come across accidentally such a page inform the police immediately.

In Facebook many have given their name, home town, mail address, sometimes even telephone number and the name of the children. It is not necessary to give any information about your children anywhere. It is not at all necessary to put the picture of your children in the profile picture. If you do not want to put your picture put some nice flower or other pictures.

Children are the weakest section of our society, have no lobby and it is our duty to safeguard them from bad elements.

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