Imagine one books his holidays, two to three weeks, mostly in a developing country and at the same time he books also a virgin child for these weeks.

This child is a sex slave, so to speak, to this person for this time without any rights. This is an inhuman evil in the sexual abuse of a child. If he has HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases, child might get that too.

Some countries like Germany punish their citizens if the issue comes out in the open, and the local police could also take action. If one observes such things it is better to inform the police immediately. But many hotels tolerate this to get guests and a regular unannounced control will help here to control this evil. The black market is flourishing and poverty and big quick money make it possible for such worst decisions of the families to send their daughters and sons for this horrible work.

This evil damages the body as well as the mind of the child for its rest of life. It is very difficult for them later in their life to develop normal contact to their better half.

Yes, boys are also sexually abused in sex tourism. When I asked a person known to me how it is possible in her country, the straight answer was that many families think it is better to send the son than spoiling the daughter.

To stop this evil every individual can do his best. Keep your eyes open and if something unwanted happens inform the police immediately.

Children are the wealth of our earth and it is our duty to prevent this evil.

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