This is really a menace in our world. The parents want high marks from their children. The tension is too much for the children, many are not in a position to withstand this enormous stress.

Hundreds of thousands of doses of tranquillizers and other drugs are prescribed to children. But nothing will help including methylphenidate to increase their marks. The right food, love and time from their parents and the correct planning of the school and extracurricular works and activities are the best medicine to improve the situation but without any tablets.

Talk to your child and listen to your child, they are much more intelligent than you think, accept this and handle, the success will be mostly yours.

In some countries the paediatricians give cholesterol reducing tablets to obese children at the age of eight, nine or ten years. Here we should not forget the adverse side effects of the disappearance of the muscles if there is less physical activity. Your doctor must monitor the situation very closely; otherwise it is difficult to take the responsibility of such treatment.

Teach your children from the beginning what to eat and how to eat. If you also do not know, go to your dietician and learn it at first before teaching your children. We should keep it as subject even in the kindergarten. Could anybody tell me why such programs are not yet implemented?

We must be very careful with side effects because there are no clinical studies for children. So, the experience of your doctor is very important here.