Red meat is distinctively red before cooking and beef and lamb meat come under this.

White meat refers to meats which are pale before they are cooked. Poultry, pork and fish come under this.

In the poultry industry the terms white meat and dark meat are also used. This means two different types of meat in a single animal.

Red meat has intense animal flavour and white meats tend to be bland. The red colour is because of the higher concentration of myoglobin present. Myoglobin is necessary to help the muscle utilize oxygen more effectively. These are present in muscles which are used continuously, e.g. muscles which support standing and walking.

White meat is leaner and so it is considered healthy. The role of myoglobin is not yet completely understood in cancer. The future research can throw more light on this. The red meat has also more fat.

The iron content of the meat depends upon the amount of myoglobin and so red meat has more iron compared to white meat.

Twice in a weak meat and fish in moderate quantity is enough. But we must eat vegetables and fruits daily for our good health.