Prevention is better than cure and this is right in case of sinus infection also. As you see there are connections between the things you never think of.

The preventive measures include:

• Proper hygiene
• Treating allergies and colds always
• Increase your water intake
• Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, but avoid citrus fruits
• Minimize the consumption of milk products
• Reduce all sorts of stress
• Moisture in the rooms of the home
• Clean air filters
• Avoid pollution of your home and environment
• Avoid smoking and passive smoking
• Avoid excess alcohol
• Be careful with air travel
• Avoid swimming
• Diving is a risk
• Visit steam bath or take hot shower and breath the steam
• Avoid sudden change in temperature
• Influenza vaccine is good
• Have a good and healthy lifestyle

As you see there are so many things in your hands to prevent sinus infections or to keep the symptoms mild.