I am 63 years old and recently I find that whenever I stretch I get cramps. I am taking Atenonol, Amlodipine and Irbersatan for my hypertension. Is it due to these tablets? Also I find that my erections are not hard as before. Can these tablets cause this problem?

As you know all the drugs have side effects. Up to 10% of the patients experience some of the side effects.

Atenonol may cause tiredness or weakness. It may affect the sex drive.

Amlodipine may cause fatigue, cramps and sexual dysfunction. This may be the cause for your cramps.

Irbersatan may cause decreased sexual ability.

All the three drugs have many other side effects also.

We need the drugs, but unfortunately all these have side effects. If you are unlucky you are affected.

These medicines have also many other side effects. Read the information which you get along with your drugs or ask your doctor about this. Talk to your doctor about this problems and he may prescribe other medicines.

Unfortunately I have no information - medical history, diseases, lifestyle etc. about you. We could do a lot if I get a complete picture about you.

One more important thing you must know. When you get high blood pressure or any other disease your mind is continuously thinking about that. This is an unending stress and could also make problems with your sexual life. Avoid the stress.

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