Trafficking of children for prostitution is a global problem and we cannot single out any country. Poverty is the main reason for this evil and many believe the good job offers as domestic workers, in restaurants or hotels or any other jobs. In the host country they land mostly in the brothels and in private clubs.

50% of the women trafficked are minors. Tens of thousand times women believe false promises of men and in the destination with physical force, drugs or torture they will be broken to engage in prostitution. Everybody knows this but very little is happening to stop this.

If a girl could earn the monthly income of her father in one night some father’s even in Eastern Europe send their daughter for this work. It is a shame, but poverty is the root cause for this. Asia, Africa, South America and East European countries are the main places from where the women and children are trafficked for prostitution. Unfortunately, sometimes, the father or the husband sells minor girls or wife and this happens even in India.

Domestic workers face serious abuses and exploitation such as physical and sexual abuse, excessive working hours, no rest days, almost house arrest, punishments like denial of food and health care, and above all non-payment of wages. Most governments, including those in Western countries, exclude domestic workers from the coverage of the labour laws. Thus they have no protection and suffer a lot. These abuses take place in private homes and the public has no chance to know or see these offences.

Trafficking in children also takes place to train the children to beg. Parts of the body are damaged so that they could get more money. Some are trained to be pickpockets and others are exploited as drug couriers because in some countries children below 14 are not tried in the court of law.

We preach everyday so many good things for others. Here the children are physically and mentally destroyed. Are we not in a position to stop this evil? Anyhow, it is a shame to all. It can happen to any child. So protect your children very carefully.

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