There are more than 300 types of headaches and the most common one is tension headache. If you are under stress this headache comes again and again. This is not very serious, but it can be very painful.

The causes of tension headache are not known. Now it is thought that a change in brain chemicals may be a cause. Otherwise tension or spasms in the muscles of your neck face and head may be the usual causes.

The tension headache symptoms include:

• There is constant pain, but not throbbing. The pain or pressure is felt on both sides of your head
• Pressure which makes you feel like your head in a vise
• Pain at the back of your head, neck or temples

Tension headache comes back if you have stress. They can last 30 minutes to several days. Normally the pain is not severe and does not affect your day-to-day life. If the pain is severe and lasts long go to your doctor.

To prevent tension headache you must learn how to handle your stress. Sleep enough and regular physical activity is important. Eat healthy food on a regular schedule. Whatever you do, try to avoid straining of your eyes. So to say a healthy lifestyle is important.

Tension headache is treated with painkillers like paracetamol or aspirin and these are mostly prescription-free. If you take often painkillers there may be the possibility of getting rebound headaches which are different from tension headache. This type of headache starts when the effect of the painkiller is gone. It is possible that you get headache whenever you stop taking the medicine. For the chronic tension headache you must take stronger painkillers and consult your doctor for that.

Even with medicines you may have headache, but may have it less often. Here every individual is different.

Write a diary about the time, date and the happenings on that day so that later it is useful for your doctor to treat you.