The answer is no. Ginger is a spice and should not be consumed in excess. A 70 kg person could take a maximum of 4 grams of fresh ginger.

Ginger is very good and has many positive effects with minimum side effects. It becomes dangerous if we consume excess during the use of certain medicines. Ginger interferes with the effects of drugs used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes and for blood thinning.

As a spice you can use it regularly. Ginger root is widely used as a digestive aid for mild stomach upset and is also recommended by doctors and other health professionals to help prevent or treat nausea and vomiting pregnancy, cancer chemotherapy and motion sickness. Ginger is also a good support in inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and can even be used in heart disease or cancer.

If you want to use ginger for a child below two years old, consult your doctor always. The dose makes the poison.
Do not take ginger without first consulting your doctor if you are breastfeeding a baby.
In Ayurvedha tea very little ginger is used with cinnamon and cardamom and it is very good.
I am not against taking a ginger chicken or ginger seafood now and then.