Grapefruit is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C and lycopene and other flavonoids. But, some chemicals from it interfere with the enzymes which metabolize certain drugs and thus large amount of the drug is accumulated in our body.

This increases the side effects of the medicines dramatically and bad for your health.

This interaction can happen if you eat the fruit or drink the juice. You should also avoid diet supplements where grapefruit bioflavonoids are present.

Tangelo is a hybrid grapefruit and Seville oranges, a bitter orange must also be avoided because these may have also the same side effects like grapefruit.

The drugs which have problems with grapefruit, Seville orange or tangelo include:

• Simavastin
• Buspirone
• Clomipramine
• Diazepam
• Triazolam
• Nifedipine
• Verapamil
• Saquinavir
• Indinavir
• Cyclosporine
• Tacrolimus
• Sirolimus
• Methadone
• Carbamazepine
• Sildenafil

The list is long. For further information consult your doctor or druggist.