Eat normally with fresh vegetables and fruits. 4 to 5 Servings are good in a day. Use whole grains products. Lean meat is good and sea fish is preferred twice in a week. Eggs are also good food.

Eat nuts, seeds, pulses and beans everyday; 20 to 30 g nuts or seeds are good. Avoid processed food and excess milk and milk products. Avoid milled flour and sugar.

Avoid smoking and lead a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to manage stress. Regular physical activity is a must.

If you live like this you need no food supplements.

With increasing age the amount of food intake is reduced, but the micronutrients must be needed in the same amount. Here we must plan what is necessary and what is not. There also you have to consult your doctor.

When we become old food intake is reduced and here the food supplements may be necessary.

When you are older than 35 years then we have to think about vitamin B supplementation. Before you plan a baby folic acid supplement is good and necessary.

Food supplements may have side effects or they may interfere with the absorption of the other micronutrients. They may also interfere with drugs. Excess antioxidants can act as oxidants.

We have to analyse individually each person before we recommend food supplements. It is good for your health and you can save also lot of money.