There are several reasons to become a vegetarian today. We could write pages about this. But, you want to know a plausible reason and I will give you one.

Surely you have heard about the greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases. They make our earth warm. If the average temperature rises 4 degrees C then we may not have ice on our poles and may low lying countries will be below the water level. Whole world is trying to agree to reduce these gases. You may ask why I am telling about this.

Today meat production is a big industry. The business with meat and meat products including milk and eggs is worth of several trillions. 50% of the world’s greenhouse gases are produced from this industrial animal agriculture. If we want to save our earth not only we must produce less greenhouse gases from our cars and industries but also we must reduce the production of meat.

I cannot apply pressure to make you a vegetarian. But, at least you can reduce the amount of meat you eat. It is a great help to our earth and of course, to you also.

The decision is yours!!!