Dandruff is scaly dry skin that forms on and flakes off the scalp; it is a common problem affecting millions of human beings, from adolescence to adulthood. It is because of the very quick turnover of the cells there.

Dandruff is more common in men and persons mostly affected have oily skin and immune deficiencies. In few it is a problem of the right hygiene; illness, stress and hormonal changes can also play a role here.

The symptoms of dandruff are white, oily-looking patches on the scalp, which flakes off.

There is no known method to prevent dandruff, but you can control it by shampooing regularly and leading a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet and manageable stress. With right food and hygiene it is possible to be free from dandruff.

In extreme cases, your skin specialist may prescribe you a cream containing cortisone to manage it.

Dandruff is not an infectious disease.