Organic meat has many advantages than the meat produced by professional animal agriculture. Everybody must know this to take their decisions which meat to consume.

The advantages include:

• Organic meat is free from growth hormone, antibiotics and other drugs
• The animals are not fed by genetically modified foods
• Their genes are not modified
• These animals are never fed with feeds which are made out of dead animals or animal wastes. No chance for mad cow disease (BSE).
• Their feed contains very low amount of pesticides and other chemicals and so in the meat they are under their detection levels.
• The workers are exposed to very little or no chemicals
• Excretions are used as manure and their amount is also limited. Thereby low contamination of ground water with nitrates.
• These farms are normally not very big and have other animals. These are not meat production factories.
• Organic meat production costs less energy compared to mass production. The reduction can be up to 75%

The organic meat tastes much better and it is a good food.