Music is not a medicine directly. I can say it is a supporting medicine. If we have a bacterial infection music cannot cure us.

What is the role the music plays to help us to become healthy? We are sick, the bacteria are there in our body and a good music can act on brain and the brain activates our immune system. A strong immune system can destroy the bacteria. This means we need the antibiotic drugs to fight with the bacteria. The activated immune system supports the medicine and we become quickly healthy.

In the case of high blood pressure the music can reduce the stress. But right food, physical activity and medicines are also necessary.

If you think about the depression here the music helps to break your continuous thoughts and so they support the medicines or other therapies.

It is also not only hearing the good music or the music you like but also the music played by you help to become one healthy. Here also the medicines and other therapies are important.