Yes, folic acid is important before you plan because in the very early stages of pregnancy. Folic acid plays a vital role in cell formation and division.

Folic acid should be taken if you plan for a baby because it is important immediately after fertilization. If you take after you know that you are pregnant it is too late.

Folic acid is used in our bodies for cell formation and multiplication, DNA replication and formation of red and white cells. It can significantly minimise the risk of giving birth to a baby with a congenital neural tube defect.

Dark green leafy vegetables, pulses, legumes and nuts are rich in folic acid, but it is always impossible to take the daily intake from these foods because so much we cannot eat. So I recommend folic acid supplementation if you plan for a baby. It is good as a part of vitamin B complex tablet, it is not necessary to buy costly folic acid mono preparations. If you want to buy a vitamin B complex without folic acid, then it is not a real vitamin B complex, then better do not buy it.

Recommended daily intake is 400 micro g, pregnants need 600 micro g. Too much, around 1000 micr g. from food supplemets could cause mild side effects. In this case consult with your doctor nd reduce the amount.

The benefits of folic acid is better than the mild side effects caused by them.