At first, your will power is very important, without which you cannot manage your diet even for few days. Here are some of the tips which you have to keep in your mind:

You only must decide to reduce your weight, fix your goal; do not diet because somebody says to you.

Control your fat intake – note for two weeks everything which you eat and drink; if you see it later you can see how much fatty food you have eaten with their hidden calories and then avoid these foods. Reduction of fat and sugar are the most important part of the diet to become slim.

If you want to reduce your weight, during that time there should be no other tensions for you such as partner or family problems or examinations or starting a new job or moving to a new flat, i.e. you must have a stable life.

Do not make a sudden change in any of your habits such as smoking because the tension becomes more and it is difficult to achieve your goal. Once you have reached your goal in weight reduction, stop smoking. Slowly One by one, with a well planned strategy you can realize your aim.

Try to motivate one of your family members or friends to diet with you and two persons are always better to continue successfully. Here the continuous motivation from each has positive effects and there are generally very good results.

Aim at realistic goals. Reduction of one kilo in two weeks is normally a success. Never listen to people who have reduced 3 or 5 kilos a week without any problem and this is mostly a story without any truth. Otherwise, your expectation will be very high. Too much of expectations can always lead to frustration.

You should not put yourself under pressure to reduce the kilos immediately, at first the excess water goes out of the body since you take less salt. You reduce 2 kilos quickly. After that, brain orders the metabolism to slow down since it gets less than normal food and the lavish use of calories by the body is then stopped and the metabolism runs in a reduced speed. The effect in this wonderful game is no weight reduction and you are mostly the looser. You are mostly frustrated and start eating more than previously and you gain more weight. It is the duty of your physician and dietician together to solve this with necessary measures.

In the beginning, your goal must be in very low level and this success gives you the necessary strength to go further with good results.

You must be proud of you for every kilo weight reduction, if you reduce the weight slowly, you can keep it also for a long time.

Increase of one kilo weight should not be seen as a total failure, but only a small accident and you must always in a position to keep your head clear and never interpret this as a failure.

In a marriage or in a party you can politely refuse to take cakes, sweets or fatty food or take a very little piece or portion and keep it in your plate always which helps unwanted trials to feed you more and you must do follow this strictly. Never eat such foods because of the compulsion of your friends. You also learn never to press anybody to eat or drink something. But you can eat this also if you understand more about food and how to adjust the amounts by yourself.

You can eat a small portion of everything but do not take second time, even it is very tasty.

If you go for shopping to buy food, make a list and go, never buy anything which is not in your list and the most important thing is, do not go for shopping when you are hungry.

In your house, eat always only in a particular place and if possible eat at the same time everyday.

During your meals, do not watch television or read a book. If you concentrate on your food, you will not eat too much; otherwise you have no feeling of the amount you eat. When you see the film, your hand will be filling your mouth without any brake.

Do not keep sweets, chocolates or chips on the table, your eyes eat always with you, keep them in some drawer or do not buy.

Do not weigh your weight everyday, Day-to-day changes could not be seen in the weighing machine. Once in a week is necessary and the change is also very clear to see. Otherwise, the frustration makes you eat something bad, such as snacks which lead to enormous weight gain because your metabolism runs in low speed.

Do not miss a meal, my experience shows, people eat the next meal heavily, this is our nature.

Diet to reduce the weight should not be very low in calories, then in course of time you will put on weight because once you finish your diet, you eat normally and your metabolism is still low which makes the Yo Yo effect to increase more weight than you have reduced. Reduce your meals slowly every week and do your exercises, it is easy to reduce your weight because your body spends the energy normally, that means no slow down of your metabolism.

Change your food habits slowly.

Drink water, 3 to 4 litre a day and coffee or tea maximum two glasses a day. Cola, lemonade and other soft drinks should be consumed rarely.

Avoid alcoholic drinks completely because these are only empty calories.

All these will help you, if you take your foods which have all the nutrients for your health, if not deficiencies will result which can spoil your health. Here the dietician could help you much.

Many medicines have weight gain as side effect. In this case you have to talk to your doctor whether it is possible to change to another medicine. If it is not possible then it is difficult to reduce the weight.

Above all, try my metabolism based individual diet which not only helps to reduce weight but also good for weight maintenance. See