Soya beans are divided into two groups, beans with less oil used as vegetables and beans with rich oil. From vegetable beans which contain less oil, soya flour, soya milk, tofu and vegetable proteins are prepared and these are very healthy not only for the vegetarians but also to everybody.

After the extraction of oil from the soya oil beans, this high protein soya meal is used as animal feed.

Soya beans are also directly used as food and every country has its special preparations. In Japan, China and Korea soya beans are not only popular but also important food.

Soya beans are used to produce soya ice cream, soya cheese, soya milk, soya yoghurt, tofu and margarine which are diary substitutes. It is also used to prepare the imitation of potato chips, milk, cheese, yoghurt and many other products.

Soya beans are used to prepare baby food for babies who are allergic to cow milk proteins or for lactose intolerant babies.

The pytoestrogens present in the beans may not be a problem for sexual, immune, neurobehavioural or thyroid development.

It is a big substitute for milk and dairy products.

Soya beans have many industrial uses. It is used in the production of biodiesel, plastics, resins, cosmetics, solvents and of course, soya oil.