E. coli or its various forms present in gut are responsible for most of the bladder infections.

If you live in cold places wear warm underclothes, otherwise the chance of getting it is higher than normal. Women may get bladder infections after sexual intercourse because it makes easier for bacteria in reaching the urethra through the bladder. HYGIENE is written here very big to stress the importance.

Women, who use diaphragm as a primary of contraception, are also susceptible to bladder infection because it may press the bladder and prevent to empty the urine completely. This rest urine is bad for us and good for bacteria to increase the risk of bladder infection.

The compressed bladder of pregnant woman is also susceptible for this infection and it is mostly uncomfortable.

Bladder infections are more common among young women who have just become sexually active and have sexual intercourse often.

Use of spermicides may also increase the risk of bladder infections. Cotton undercloth is useful to prevent bladder infection.