The majority of the soya beans are genetically modified and they are from USA, Argentina and Brazil. Many countries have not given licence to GM (genetically modified) soya beans to be used in human food.

But several processed foods contain soya bean products and almost nobody knows where GM soya bean is present. There are a big group for GM soya bean and the other group opposing it. Hundreds of million tons of GM soya bean is used in the world although some of the questions are not answered. They are as follows:

• There are less scientific studies about their risk. To assess the potential harm we need safety test technologies which are not well advanced and inadequate.
• We know only less or nothing about the unpredictable toxins.
• Allergy risk may be increased with GM products.

These points are applicable for all genetically modified products and we wait for further studies which may tell us the positive aspects or not. Here the national government and the health ministry must be very careful before allowing this food. If it is allowed, it must be declared very clearly on the label so that persons who do not want to consume this can avoid it. It should be clearly declared that this particular food contains GM soya bean or its products.

We have to wait for the future research results.