The immune system is body’s defence against bacteria, viruses and other foreign organisms. It is a very complex system which has to function properly to protect us from the harmful bacteria and other organisms in our environment that may infect body.

If your immunity is reduced for any reason, avoid people who have sore throat, cold, flu, vomiting and diarrhoea and all the possible other infections.

It is important to go outside for physical activity and for fresh air and avoid crowds in public transport and shopping centres. Select your clothes properly if you go out in cold weather or in winter to avoid getting a chill.

It is better to avoid public swimming hall and the chance of getting infected through the water. It is also better to avoid sport performances and other social activities where more people gather together.

If you have pets or work with animals you should be extra careful, wash your hands if you have contact with them and avoid completely animal wastes which can increase the risk of infection.

Avoid all building materials such as bricks, and cement which may contain dust and fungal spores that may cause infection.

If you plan a trip to abroad, contact your doctor for necessary vaccination which is necessary for the visiting country.

The personal hygiene standards must be very high, keep your house and environment very clean and wash your hands when you have been in the toilet and also before preparing or eating food. Take a bath everyday and have your own towels because these are a good source of cross-infection.

When your immunity is low, your mouth is a place of risk for infections; use a soft brush because hard brush might cause the gums to bleed that increase the risk of infection. Consult your dentist for antiseptic mouthwash to be taken after meals which may prevent infection.

The quality of food must be good to prevent infections. Raw or lightly cooked eggs, shellfish or soft cheese may contain bacteria. Therefore, we must be always careful with all the food because the danger of infection may be everywhere.