No, I know how harm it could make for my health, I am more happy with few friends or with a cup of black coffee or with a wonderful glass of red wine or my family from where I derive my pleasure and strength.

In my safe in our institute with a licence from the central medical authorities of our government I had all the pure drugs – cannabis to heroin including all party drugs - as well as the drugs from the parents who had found out doubtful substances from their children’s bags or pockets which came to us for analysis.

Once I wanted to test the metabolism and pharmacokinetic of a substitution medicine, dihydrocodeine for heroin addicts. After getting the permission of ethic committee of the doctors association from our state I took four days to know the effects of this substitution medicine, dihydrocodeine, the concentration in my body, to know the metabolic pattern in urine and the duration of its presence in my body, so to say about its metabolism.

The main condition was that during this period of 6 days I should not drive my car, come to office only in Taxi and should not use my car even for emergency reasons. My taxi driver was very happy during these days.

Another doctor may take one more medicine, like this we improved our knowledge irrespective of the information from the pharmaceutical companies or other agencies who give lot of information and publications from their own results and views. Each side say, they are correct, so it is better to test personally and have the first hand information.

Say always no to drugs; they are not good for our health…