The recent research results show that there is a relationship between stop smoking and the risk of diabetes type-2. Why?.

Normally smokers have 30% more risk for diabetes type-2 than non-smokers. If one stops smoking this risk for diabetes type-2 increases to 70%. This risk will be there for several years after stop smoking. There is much risk in the first three years and the risk is reduced to a minimum only after ten years.

The reason is your weight goes up if you stop smoking. The weight increase is approximately 4 kilos if you stop smoking. It is better to control the weight and check the blood sugar values regularly.

But this is not a licence to smoke further. There are no good tobacco products in our world and stop smoking is very good for your health. If you have stopped smoking eat healthy food, be careful with sweets and chocolates, have enough physical activities and check your blood sugar value at least twice in a year. If the weight goes up uncontrolled it is better to check the blood sugar every three months.

Diabetes type-2 is no more old peoples’ sickness. Many young people get diabetes type-2 because of overweight and less physical activity.

It is in your hands to be healthy.