Dust is minute solid particles less than 500 micrometer radius. Atmospheric dust occurs from soil dust by wind, volcanic eruption and pollution.

Coal dust is responsible for lung disease and black lung disease among coal miners. Flour makes the same effect to bakers and ferric oxide to welders. The dust particles could also transport poisonous things as well as allergy producing substances everywhere. The contamination cycle starts from there once again.

The metal powder dust is also very dangerous.

What is the main dust in the home?

The human skin cells are the most produced dust in houses, offices and the places where many people come together. Approximately 7 million skin flakes fall per minute from our body and constitute the major portion of domestic dust. Domestic pets like dogs, cats, birds and other animals produce also much dust. House dust mites feed on skin flakes and they produce digestive enzymes. These enzymes and their faeces become part of the dust in the house.

How to clean the particles in the home?

Wet wiping, sweeping by hand or with a cloth, sponge or broom or by vacuum cleaner are the methods to clean. Always be careful because the dust could become airborne and then it is dangerous.

Do not use the vacuum cleaner when small children are there. The dirt and dust becomes airborne to the height of the small children and it is very dangerous for their health.